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  1. Hello, do you have a website with pictures and sizes of women’s kuspuk’s for sale? I am a size 18 and would like very much to have one.



    • Size 18 are 55.00 and if mailed out add 10.00
      Right now i have 4 shirt ones,red, brown and tan, light and dark blue, and a fancy green that the price of it is 65.00 (dressy) and then a long dress one that is 80.00

    • I do have some made up. Call 243-2240

    • I wear a women’s small or a child’s XL. Where can I see examples of fabric. I would want a heavier fabric for fall and winter. Thank you, Molly

  2. nice job how much are the shirt kusbuks?

    • Depends on the size

  3. I don’t have a size number but I wear XL shirts, women’s, as I have long arms. I was wondering what Kuspuks you have around that size and the prices of them. Do you have a store in Anchorage or are your items just online?

    • Call 243-2240

  4. Are you taking orders? Do you have any available kuspuks in a women’s size large or XL? I wear a size 14. Thank you in advance.

  5. hi how much would it cost for a XL blue or pink kuspuk? thank you. number is 227 5776

  6. I was wondering if you had any pink or purple ones. I’d really like to buy some for my baby & I. I wear a size Small & my baby wears 9+ months. Please let me know! Thank you.

  7. My friend and I am interested in purchasing a kuspuk. I am living in Anchorage for a couple of years but my friend is going back to Tennessee tomorrow evening. Is there some place we can buy a kuspuk in Anchorage? Thank you

  8. What is the largest shirt kuspuk you have? The hooded kind. Thank you!

  9. Do you have any Kuspuks made for size 16 in Turquoise, pink, red,
    or printed and how much is it? Thanks for the info.

    • Have some in size 16’s. Call 907-243-2240

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